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Our ambition is to not just sell the pumps that we manufacture, it is to build a relationship of confidence and trust with the customer that we serve. For us, at Veer Pump Industries nothing is more valuable than our clients trust in us. We are leading manufacturers, exporters, and supplies of pumps as we strive for customer satisfaction and loyalty each day. We supply Sewage Pump, Mud Pump, De-watering Pump, and Submersible Pump too for both domestic and industrial purposes. To learn more about and the products we offer do visit our website at
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Mud Pumps by Veer Pump Industries have an outstanding in performance across the lifespan. These pumps are configured for automatic air release during priming. They have a prompt automatic self-priming action. These pumps are non-clogging impeller effectively handles suspended debris. They have an excellent corrosion resistance and hence long life expectancy. Each pump consists of dynamically balanced parts which ensure vibration free operations. ach pump is precisely designed making it easier to operate with minimal cost of maintenance. We believe in providing the best pumps to our customers for both domestic and industrial purposes. We aim to provide the best service to every client of ours with remarkably exceptional after sales service by us. To learn more about our Mud Pumps or any other kind of pump visit our website at
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Whether you work in mining, construction or tunneling, Veer Pump Industries Dewatering Pumps are your best insurance against water-related downtime. In the hotspot animation below you will find information about some of the innovative features of the pumps, that insure reliable and efficient operation. In order to meet huge market demands, we are involved in offering utmost quality of Dewatering Pumps. Our Dewatering Pumps are corrosion resistant and highly reliable. We aim to provide the best service to every client of ours with remarkably exceptional after sales service by us. For more details visit our website and get in touch with us.
The Submersible Pumps by Veer Pump Industries are compact, light-weight, easy to carry and handle. Double mechanical seals run in an “oil” filled chamber of liquid paraffin to prevent damage from periods of dry running. The built-in thermal protector turns off the power supply in case of overload, therefore protecting the motor. The power cord is uni-body construction ensuring excellent water tightness. We have more than 2 decades of experience in manufacturing best quality of pumps. Veer Pump Industries is the name you can trust. For more details visit our website and get in touch with us.
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From sewage pump to mud pump, dewatering pump to solar pump or any other type of pump that you have been looking for you name it and we have it. Veer pumps have been in business for about two decades now and since day one we have been determined to only provide the best quality pumps to our customers. We have a wide range of pumps you could choose any depending on your requirement. Each pump is precisely designed to give 100% performance every time it is being used. The pumps are highly durable and super easy to install. Hence for the best quality pumps choose Veer Pumps, we promise to never disappoint you with our service. To know more visit our website at